Give your worn clothes a makeover with the

Learn to Mend 

On-Demand Mini-Workshop

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Patch with beautiful sashiko stitches...

Get the Learn to Mend 

On-Demand Mini-Workshop

Get it now for $27 >

Would you like to make your favourite clothes last longer?

I can show you how!

In this on-demand mini-workshop, I'll show you exactly how to...

Choose the right tools and materials

Learn the best tools for sashiko stitching, and some suitable substitutions!

Prepare you clothes for patching

Breathe new life into your ripped and torn favourites.

Reinforce with sashiko stitches

Your stitching will add character and a personal touch to your wardrobe!

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Care for your clothes and the planet with the

Learn to Mend 

On-Demand Mini-Workshop


  • 2 hour recorded training access for one year
  • Beginner & intermediate level tips and how-to's
  • Learn to prep, patch, and embellish torn garments
  • BONUS: Learn to make your own sashiko thimble ($5 value)

For only $27 USD

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After the On-Demand Mini-Workshop you'll be able to...

Be More Eco-Friendly

Keep your clothes out of the landfill for longer

Save Your Money

Mend your jeans and other garments instead of spending money to replace them

Find Peace of Mind

Embrace the meditative art of stitching by hand and find your zen

Join my happy students.

"I believe this activity makes time stop and my chronic pain go unnoticed. Even if I think I can’t stand the pain a minute longer, as soon as my hand touches the cloth, I am taken to a place of stillness and the pain is forgotten."

Robin West

"I'm loving the sashiko stitching class. So reflective and loving the process and beautiful design motifs - so simple to create.

I love creating repetitive designs - they are mindful, and engaging."

Lana Perrotti

"I enjoy the programs and events you offer through Zen Stitching, which closely align with my goals and interests. 

I admire your gentle and collaborative approach and your ongoing introduction of new projects."


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