Discover the Zen of Sashiko Stitching

Learn the meditative art of Sashiko. This guide is your first step toward mastering an ancient craft that calms the mind and brings joy to the senses.

"I've always loved embroidery but felt that it wasn't very useful other than for decoration. However after discovering zen stitching I've changed my mindset totally. Thank you for helping me get back to stitching."


- Gina Lee

What You'll Discover Inside :

Tools of the Trade

Get to know the essential tools and materials needed to begin your Sashiko journey . 

Your First Stitches

Clear, step-by-step instructions to take you from beginner to confident stitcher.

A Pattern to Inspire

Learn a simple Sashiko pattern to spark your creativity and build momentum from your first project.

"Thank you for all you have done and everything you continue to do to help people all over the world to find ways to cope with life and living. Your offerings generate so much joy!"


- Edith O Nuallain

Why Sashiko?


Discover the therapeutic benefits of Sashiko stitching, which can help reduce stress and enhance focus.


Join a community of like-minded crafters who are rediscovering this beautiful form of embroidery.


Express yourself through patterns and textures, creating unique pieces that reflect your personal style.

"I love your gentle approach and find the stitching relaxing with just the right mix of challenge."


- Carol Lopacinski

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"It was wonderful and even exceeded my expectations. Such joy to get to know a new way of being mindful while doing meditative stitching."


- Renee Smith

Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a textile artist who loves travelling and the esoteric.

I've been a textile artist my whole life, and an avid stitcher for more than a decade! I've had some fantastic opportunities to combine my love of art with my love of travel, studying and creating all over the world. 

As well as my passion for textiles, it's also important to me to live meaningfully and sustainably. I rolled all these passions together with Zen Stitching, and by embracing the beautiful and practical designs of sashiko stitching, I'll help you not only mend your clothes, but also reduce textile waste and practice mindfulness.