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Learn to Mend

June 18, 2024 | $27 USD

Learn to mend your clothes with the basics of Sashiko! Together we'll take a beginner pattern and break it down, draw it out, and stitch it. This knowledge can be applied to many Sashiko patterns and mending projects!

Free for members of Sashiko Stitch Club.

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Stitch a Sashiko Cat Pattern with Selina Ben

July 9, 2024 | $49 USD

Learn to stitch this sweet Sashiko pattern designed by talented artist (and Making Zen veteran!) Selina Ben.

Free for members of Sashiko Stitch Club.

Details to come!

Narrative Needles: Stitching Your Truth with Suzi Banks Baum

Two Day Workshop: 2025 Date TBD

Join us for a two-part workshop centered around writing and stitching. We'll discover techniques for creative writing and daily practice as well as some Sashiko symbolism and setting intentions through word and stitch.

Details to come!

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