Escape the whirlwind of daily life and find tranquility

Our Zen Stitching courses are designed to ignite creative expression, calm the mind and establish meditative practices, and potentially guide you on a path of healing and spiritual discovery. 

You receive instant access to all pre-recorded courses. Classes are self guided and available on demand. 

Sashiko Stitch Club Membership - $24 USD/Month

Experience mindfulness and learn a new sashiko embroidery pattern every month with fellow stitchers from around the world!

Sashiko Stitch Club members get exclusive discounts and free access to some Zen Stitching workshops, along with step-by-step videos on how to stitch popular moyozashi and other recognizable Sashiko designs.

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On Demand Courses

Persimmon Flower Pouch

$49 USD

Learn the Persimmon Flower sashiko stitch, and use your newly-embellished fabric to create a small travel pouch with a zippered pocket inside! 

Included are two recordings that show you how to stitch the Persimmon Flower stitch and assemble the pouch, as well as the pouch pattern.

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Learn to Mend

$27 USD

The perfect first step in your sashiko journey, this two hour workshop will take you through the basics of sashiko and show you how to mend using the Jujizashi, or Ten Cross Stitch. 

Included is one year of access to the two-hour workshop recording.

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Sashiko for Beginners

$149 USD

Sashiko for Beginners shows you how to mend your clothes using beautiful Japanese designs, focusing on the hitomezashi stitches. It is a proven step by step system to achieving mindfulness whilst repairing your clothes. 

Benefit from peace of mind and save money whilst you learn the art of mindful mending. 

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The Garden Party

$149 USD

The Garden Party is a six week, introductory course that explores different ways to enhance and manipulate fabric.

You will discover the magic of natural dyes and eco-printing which can become the foundation layers for your Zen Stitching projects!

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Indigo Magic 

$149 USD

Discover the magic of indigo in this introductory course. 

Learn how to set up an indigo vat at home and explore different methods of creating patterns on fabric using shibori resist techniques.  

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Bundle Dyeing

$49 USD

Discover the magic of plants through this fun and easy way of transferring plants onto fabric!

Coax out colour using some simple techniques and using plants found in your backyard, or neighbourhood.


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Circular Moyozashi

$49 USD

Learn how to draw and stitch four circular moyozashi patterns. 

This workshop is perfect if you want to learn how to do it all yourself, without the need to buy expensive pre-printed fabrics, kits or stencils. 

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Live Mini-Workshops and Teaching Events

To see what events are coming up outside of my regularly offered courses, visit the Upcoming Events page.

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