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Loving Sashiko Fundamentals 


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Loving Sashiko Fundamentals Mini-Workshop

20 January 2024 | 12pm ADT

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A recording of the mini-workshop will be available for one year after the event.









Are you ready to start stitching, but don't know where to begin?  

In this Mini-Workshop, we'll show you exactly how to...

Choose the right tools and materials

No need to be intimidated by the depth and range of sashiko-related products - learn what you really need to get started!

Stitch a beginner sashiko pattern

Walk through each step of the stitching process - these techniques can be transferred to other patterns, too!

Achieve elegant, even stitches

Before long, your stitching practice will not only be mindful and meditative, but beautiful to look at as well!

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Start your self-care stitching with the

Loving Sashiko Fundamentals



  • 1.5-2 hour live training
  • A beginner-friendly stitching pattern we'll stitch together
  • How-to's and stitching tips
  • Live Q&A
  • Recording available for one year
  • BONUS: Learn to make your own sashiko thimble ($5 value)

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After attending the Mini-Workshop you'll be able to...

Choose Your Tools

Confidently select the tools and materials you need for your projects 

Stitch Elegantly

Enjoy straight, even stitches in all your hand-stitched works of art 

Find Peace of Mind

Embrace the meditative art of stitching by hand and find your zen

Join our happy students.

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