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Persimmon Flower Pouch Workshop

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Persimmon Flower Pouch

On-Demand Workshop

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In this workshop, you'll get to...

Learn the Persimmon Flower Stitch

Let me guide you through each step of the stitching process and teach you techniques that can be transferred to other patterns and projects, too!

Create a functional mini-pouch

This workshop will give you all the skills you need to create a mini-pouch - or make a handful that you can give as gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Build your creative confidence

Following along to these two recordings will help you get comfortable with your hand or machine sewing, learn techniques like making pockets, and give you an easy introduction to zippers.

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Elevate your handmade gift-giving with the

Persimmon Flower Pouch Workshop


  • Two recorded workshop sessions that are approximately two hours each
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of stitching the Persimmon Flower Stitch
  • A mini-pouch sewing pattern
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of assembling the mini-pouch
  • How-to's and stitching tips
  • Access to the recordings¬†for one year
  • BONUS: Learn to make your own sashiko thimble ($5 value)

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After attending this workshop, you'll be able to...

Stitch a Sashiko Pattern

You'll learn the Persimmon Flower Stitch, but you can apply these steps to many sashiko patterns!

Sew Your Own Mini Pouch

Get a live demonstration of putting the pouch together, and hold onto the pattern for future projects and gift-making!

Find Mental Space and Peace of Mind

Embrace the meditative art of stitching by hand and return to the practice when you need to find your zen.

Creativity meets community.

"I can't say enough about how much I am IN LOVE with this pouch!!! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely experience."

- Deborah Ashley

"I couldn't wait to share it... 

Many thanks and I do hope I will join another course with you soon. It is just a fabulous use for Zoom especially in these cold dark nights!"

- Suzanne Stogdon

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