Can you use kids' markers as fabric markers?

stitching tools Mar 15, 2023

Today, I wanted to explore something that I've heard about, but never actually tried or even seen in practice: can you use kids' washable markers as an alternative for other washable markers on fabric? Check out the video or keep reading below for my results!

So I wanted to try figuring out whether these kids' washable markers will work as a really good substitute for fabric markers when we're working with craft projects. In my first attempt, I just drew stripes on a piece of fabric, but it was not very successful because a lot of the colours did wash away, so I didn't have a good reference for what stayed and what didn't.


So my second time around, I actually marked out boxes with a permanent marker for each of the different colours I have in the Krafty Kids Washable Markers range and coloured them in. This way, I could see what colours washed out and which remained or left a stain.

Time to put this through the wash and see what washes out, what stains, and what remains!

I put this in a regular wash with my other clothes, so for me that's a warm wash with scent-free washing detergent, so nothing special.

Coming back from the wash and having dried and ironed the sample, here is what we're left with:

As you can see, the pink really does stain, which is quite fascinating! I really did think that it would have been the red that would have left more of a stain. You can see some slight remnants of the orange and purple, and there's a shadow of the black there as well.

Overall, I think these washable kids' markers can be a really good alternative to regular washable fabric markers. They are around $5 (CAD) for the pack of 12, which is about the equivalent price of one washable fabric marker. You can find comparable markers here on my Amazon shop!

I hope you enjoyed this little experiment - I think it's totally fascinating to see that we can use some of these coloured markers as an alternative to the pricier fabric markers! I find when working with sashiko it can be really helpful to have some different colours available, for when we draw the grid and want to delineate different parts of the pattern.

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