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Sashiko Essentials Guide

Sashiko Essentials: From First Stitch to Mastery was created to help you get started with Sashiko. Find the best tools for your project along with clear steps to your first Sashiko pattern.

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Make Your Own Sashiko Thimble

Sashiko stitching on dense or thick fabrics can be hard on the hands! This free template will help you create a Sashiko thimble from recycled leather so you can stitch in comfort.

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Seasonal Favourites

DIY Poppy Pin Pattern
Printable Mending Voucher

Sashiko 101

These bite-sized resources will help you as you get started with Sashiko.

Find Upcoming Events

Whether you're looking for a mini-workshop on the basics of Sashiko or a week-long learning event, check out my upcoming events to see what's coming up in the world of Zen Stitching.

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