diy fabric manipulation May 27, 2021

We have had an abundance of dandelion springing up everywhere!

I simply adore their bright happy colour and recently I have discovered just how amazing this plant is. You can pretty much eat every part of this plant, from the roots through to the petals and it has many medicinal benefits.


So I have been including the leaves in my smoothies (the leaves contain more vitamin A and potassium than spinach).

I have also discovered that you can eat the petals and I'm currently in the process of making a dandelion jelly and syrup (which I'm lead to believe is delicious). I'll share more on that with you in a later post.

And, I have been incorporating them into my artwork.

Dandelion (top: unbleached cotton. Middle: Rayon. Bottom: silk)

Dandelion natural dye recipe

I collected a pot full of flowers, added water and 1/4 tsp alum and cream of tartar and simmered the fabric for about an hour.

The results were a beautiful soft hue of yellow on the rayon and silk. The colour was too soft to make much of a change on the unbleached cotton.


Did you also know you can use dandelion tea to develop film!?

I have been developing 16mm film for my Plants on Film project and getting wonderful results! Plant magic really is amazing!!