How to store your sashiko threads

stitching tools Jun 25, 2021

Last night we were chatting in the Sashiko Stitch Club, and I was asked for the best way to store sashiko threads. This was a good question because it was something I had been thinking about recently too.

I like to use Olympus sashiko thread, and they are wound into a skein that is designed to be cut into 1m lengths. It is then recommended that they be braided, or loosely tied into a slip knot to prevent them from tangling. You may have seen my video about it below.


But then how do you store them so that you can easily see them in your workbasket?

Currently I keep mine in a clear plastic ziplock back, which is functional to a point, but certainly not instagrammable.

So I am now on the quest to find and make myself an aesthetically pleasing and also functional design to store my threads. I found the following as some inspiration:

Image credit: SamplerandStitches

Instead of braiding or tying the thread into a slip knot, you could instead store the thread on these thread drops that are held together on a keyring, like Sampler and Stitches.

Whilst this helps keep all the threads together that are the same colour, I'm wondering if it would still end up as a tangled mess in the work basket.

Image credit: Lolli and Grace

And then I found this organized way of storing threads by Lolli and Grace. This seemed a better solution, however I'm not keen on using plastic and I can't see myself carrying around a binder full of thread (my sewing kit travels with me wherever I go, so it needs to be transportable and compact).

Image Credit: Atkinson Designs

These pouch bags by Atkinson Designs seem to be heading in the right direction. There are see through pockets and it can fold up into a compact size.

It looks like I will end up making something similar to the travel sewing organiser kit I made in March this year. But with a lot of see-though pockets instead.

Image Credit: Zen Stitching

Stay tuned to see what I end up making.

Do you have a great way to store your threads? I'd love to know!