How to Whip Stitch

stitching tutorials Feb 17, 2021

Whip stitch is a great way to attach a patch of fabric to your garment when mending clothes. Whip stitching creates a nice edge and prevents the fabric from unraveling.

In the video below I demonstrate two different ways to use the whip stitch. First on a patch on the front or top of the fabric, and the secondly whip stitch to highlight the holes in jeans with the patch on the reverse side of the fabric (8 mins into the video).



1. Starting from the reverse side of the fabric to hide your securing knot, insert the needle at a right angle and draw the needle through both layers of fabric.

2. Insert the needle into the bottom layer of fabric, and pull the thread through

3. Moving the needle along slightly bring up the needle through both piece of fabric.

4. Continue to work along the edge you are whip stitching.

5. You can choose to add a variation by slanting your stitches, or making them short or long depending on your overall aesthetic.

Image via Womens Weekly