Last minute gift ideas that are quick to make: DIY Brooches, Patches and Ornaments

diy stitching Dec 17, 2020

With a little more than a week to go before Christmas there's always one or two last minute gifts that are needed.

Chicken ornament (could also be a brooch) via Ann Wood Handmade

I have put together a collection of fun stitched brooches, patches and ornaments as inspiration that would make a lovely gift for someone.

Handmade brooch via ZamaniATextileStory

Some of the links are DIY and demonstrate step by step how to make them, others are brooches that can be bought from small online businesses, and some are simply some inspiration for you that may help get your creative juices flowing. And then there are others which are ornaments, but if you added a pin to the back, then they too would make a great brooch.

Stitched hear brooch via Stitch Galore

The idea for this post came from when I was brain storming on what to make my grandmother. She is now in an old age home, and I wanted to make her something that would suit her new surroundings. And I thought a home made brooch would be the perfect gift to brighten her day, and also not take up too much space.

Round fabric brooch via Cluck Cluck Sew


Fabric rose via Cluck Cluck Sew


If you get inspired by any of the pictures, all you need to do is click on the link below the image to be taken to the source which where you will find more information on them.

Owl decoration via Ann Wood Handmade


Wrapped pins via How Did You Make This


Pink felt rose brooch via Panda Hall


Image via Etsy


Easy Bunny Brooch via Red Ted Art


Felted flower brooch via Betz White


Wishing you many happy hours of creating! If you make any of these ideas - please share them on instagram and tag me @zenstitching

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