Mystery stitch along - clue #1

mystery stitch along stitching Aug 02, 2022

We are going to start by dividing our fabric into sections with a pencil or washable pen. First, we’ll divide it into thirds horizontally. From top to bottom, we’ll call these “1,” “2,” and “3.”

The top third (1) will be left as is.

The middle third (2) will be divided horizontally again, this time into two. One of these sections should be a little smaller than the other - you can decide if you’d like it to be the top or bottom. We’ll call the smaller section “2a” and the larger section “2b.”

Finally, the bottom third (3) we will divide into three vertically; the middle section should be a bit skinnier than the two side sections. We’ll call the middle section “3a” and both side sections will be “3b.”

Now we can get to stitching! 

This week: stitch section 3a with Paving Block. The suggested colour for this week is brown, red, black, or gray!

Remember, to give everyone a chance to complete the clue without the influence of others’ work, please do not post photos of your Mystery Stitch Along for this week until next week’s clue is released!