Six great DIY travel kits to organize your sewing and embroidery notions

diy tools Mar 18, 2021

This is my year to simplify. And in my effort to do so, I am looking for ways to keep things neat, tidy and organized.

I dont know about you, but I seem to be surrounded by clutter (necessary) which is the table next to my chair in the den (living room). This table accumulates all sorts of important things that I need when I am getting creative, such as scissors, needles, pins, thread, etc.

I dont want to put them away because I am constantly using them (and then they mysteriously get lost when I do because I put them in such a special place I can never find them again!) but I want the area to look nice and clean and also have my things easy to find.

Image via We All Sew


So I have decided that I need to make myself a sewing travel kit. Whilst we are not doing much travel these days, it is important to keep things together and have them looking neat as well.

I have done some research and found these fun looking ideas. Best of all, most of them are free!

Image via : Handmadiya

1. Sewing Kit Organizer

I love this sewing kit organizer from Handmadiya because it is relatively simple, straightforward and easy to make. All you need is a sewing machine and some fabric. There's no need for zippers, buttons or fancy ingredients.

Image via: Ask Sarah

2. DIY Sewing Kit

This one by Ask Sarah is fabulous because of the zippered pouch and wrap around flap that holds a variety of notions.


Image via: We All Sew

3. Travel Sewing Kit

This travel sewing kit by We All Sew folds flat like a book, and when unfolded contains many pockets, both zippered and slip in pouches.


Image via: Handmadiya

4. Super Cute Korean Cat sewing organiser

I couldn't resist including this super cute organizer! It originally comes from a Korean Blog which has images only, and if you want an English translation visit Handmadiya.


Image via Sadie Seasonwoods

5. Upcycled Teapot Sewing Organiser

Perhaps not so practical for travel, but this upcycled teapot sewing organizer by Sadi Seasonwoods would be the perfect companion for the arm chair traveller - and it most likely wouldn’t look too out of place sitting on a table close by.


Image via: The Sewing Directory

6. Travel Sewing Case

I have chosen to make this travel sewing case by the Sewing Directory because I like that I can zip it closed and it has a few pockets to contain important things. More than likely I will modify its design a little (and I'm not sure I need a removable pocket - although it is a good idea) and I am looking to reuse some things rather than purchase plastic and net (I've been collecting net from garlic and also potato bags).

Its going to be a work in process as I am slow stitching the outside of the fabric case using bits n pieces of materials created for my natural dye online course.


Image via: Noodlehead

7. Bonus idea: Make a needle case too

And I couldn’t go past this idea as a wonderful way to neatly store knitting needles…. you could probably adapt one of the above patterns to make your own version of this - or you can purchase the pattern from Noodlehead.