What is Kuguri-Sashi?

stitching Jul 23, 2021

Kuguri or kuguru in Japanese means to go under something and sashi is the Japanese term for stitch. When they are combined together kuguri-sashi means a woven stitch. It is a technique that involves hitomezashi stitching to form the base grid, and then a top thread, usually of contrasting colour, is woven under the stitches to create a delightful pattern.

The most popular of these stitches is the Ajisai-sashi pattern which resembles the hydrangea, after which the pattern is named. This is a popular flower in Japan and it blooms during June, which is the rainy season, and because of this it is known as the rainy season flower.

Depending on the size of the grid dramatically changes the appearance of the pattern.

Ajisai-sashi pattern stitched on an inch grid.

Ajisai-sashi stitched on a 1/2 inch grid.

different kuguri-sashi examples from my collection


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