Master Mindfulness with Sashiko

Stitch a Mindfulness Journal Cover

Enroll for $147 USD

Sashiko Mindfulness Journal Course

7 August to 25 September 2024 | 8 Weeks | $147 USD

Recordings will be available for one year after the event for anyone who cannot attend live.









Enroll for $147 USD

Create a meditative

hand-stitched journal cover

that calms your mind.

Do you have a hard time wrapping your head around traditional meditation techniques? Discover the therapeutic power of stitching while creating a new tool for your mindfulness practice!

The course includes eight live sessions:

  • An introduction to Sashiko stitching and our project
  • Six weeks of learning different Sashiko stitches, including
    • Three Hitomezashi patterns
    • Two kuguri-zashi patterns
    • One moyozashi pattern
  • How to assemble the journal cover

Plus, it comes with extra perks:

  • Time for live Q&A in our sessions
  • PDF downloads to revisit what we learn
  • Access to recordings from our live sessions for one year after the end of the event

All for $147 USD!

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Skill Building

Learn 6 different Sashiko stitches, enhancing your crafting skills.


Experience the calming, meditative benefits of mindful stitching.


Unleash your creativity by designing your own unique journal cover.

Enroll for $147 USD

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