Sashiko for Beginners

Sashiko for Beginners shows you how to create beautiful patterns whilst mending your favourite clothes

It's the perfect course for textile artists, zero waste advocates and those wishing to embrace slow living aesthetics.

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Create and mend beautifully...


Choose the Right Supplies

Each video takes you step by step starting with what materials to use, the best tools, and then tips on how to get straight stitches and beautiful looking patterns.


Rest Your Mind

Not only is Sashiko a from of active meditation, allowing you to get into a state of relaxation, but it also helps you save money and the planet by repairing your clothes instead of replacing them!


Express Your Style

Sashiko is both beautiful and practical. By embracing imperfection, you highlight and celebrate the life of the garment and also bring a bit of beauty to the mend as well, making it truly your own.

Learn how to stitch 10+ different sashiko patterns that are perfect for mending clothes. 

This course focuses on the hitomezashi (one stitch) patterns that are perfect for reinforcing clothing. 

The videos guide you step by step through the process starting with how to draw the pattern onto the fabric and how to get the best results possible.

You will learn:

  • How to select the needles, thread and fabric to use for each project
  • How to stitch 10+ different sashiko patterns
  • Five different ways to transfer a pattern onto fabric
  • Techniques demonstrated by video
  • Downloadable PDFs to refer to whilst stitching
  • Bonus¬†videos include how to apply this knowledge to repair jeans, additional stitches, how to make a sashiko coin thimble
  • Lifetime access to the course

All for $149 USD!

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Benefits of the program


Learn on Demand

We have busy lives - it can be hard enough trying to squeeze in art and learning already, without trying to work out time zones!

With all of the videos available on demand, you can squeeze in videos when it works for your schedule, or go all in and binge-watch them - how you choose to learn is up to you, and you can always return to them later!



Do you enjoy meeting new people from across the globe that share similar interests to you?

Join like minded people from around the world and share your sashiko projects in our private community.

This is the perfect place to ask questions, share tips and make new friends!



Mending is not only caring for the planet, it's caring for ourselves, too!

Numerous studies have cited the benefits of stitching, and it is considered active meditation because it allows the mind to be still whilst the hands are busy. 

It's a treat to sit and stitch in today's busy world!

$149 USD

  • 10+ different Hitomezashi Sashiko patterns
  • Video Tutorials accessible on demand via Desktop or Mobile App
  • Instructions & template for a DIY sashiko thimble
  • How to transfer your designs onto fabric
  • Additional inspiration for your stitching projects

Peek inside the program...

01. Before we get started

To set yourself up for success our first module demonstrates how to get great sashiko stitches, every time.

We also cover the materials and products to use to get the best results every time.

02. Bonuses

  • Four different methods on how to transfer your design onto fabric.
  • DIY pattern and instructions on how to make your own sashiko thimble.

03. Stitches

We begin our stitching adventure with simple patterns that are easy to draw and stitch. This helps us build confidence to tackle the more complex designs. A video that guides you through the process of drawing and stitching the pattern  along with discussing the history and symbolism of each pattern, accompanied with a downloadable pdf. 

What my students are saying ...


Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Kate! I love travelling and the esoteric.

I've been a textile artist my whole life. Growing up in a creative family led me to study textiles at Art School twice, achieving both my Bachelor and Masters in Fine Arts. I've had some wonderful opportunities to combine my love of art with my love of travel, studying and creating all over the world. 

As well as my passion for textiles, it's also important to me to live meaningfully and sustainably. I rolled all these passions together with Zen Stitching, and by embracing the beautiful and practical designs of sashiko stitching, I'll help you not only mend your clothes, but also reduce textile waste and practice mindfulness.