Creative ways to upcycle your shoes

low- and zero-waste upcycling Mar 10, 2021

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Following on from my post last week about getting creative with ways to recycle our ‘stuff’ if they are too worn out to be resold, or gifted to a thrift store I’ve put together some fun ideas on how we can recycle our things at home. All we need is a bit of imagination (and sometimes a bit of help from google). Try entering the search ‘upcycle shoes’ and see what you find!

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One of the first things to think about our own shoes before we discard them is, can we fix them? Quite often I fall into the trap of thinking if it is broken, then it should be thrown away. But with shoes, we can extend the life of them by taking them to a shoe cobbler. They can do all kinds of things from a simple repair of attaching the sole, stitching frayed seams and so much more. They can even change the colour of your shoes if you wish!

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There are many great ways to recycle the leather that was in a pair of boots. I have kept a few pairs of boots that I absolutely loved until I couldn’t repair them any more. Now I am saving them for a DIY leather project and I think I have enough leather to make a journal cover as well.

Other fun ideas include:

  • Coasters

  • Sunglasses case

  • Belt into handles of a sewn bag

  • Jewellery

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And one of the cutest ways to recycle is to turn them into bird houses.

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Or perhaps you have a favourite pair of high heels that you just cant part with…. why not put a plant or two in them.

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If you are inspired and want to see more ideas like this, I have an entire Pinterest board full of ways to upcycle our things.