Kid-friendly stitching projects for March Break

diy stitching Mar 01, 2023

Can you believe March is already here? If it snuck up on you, too, you might be looking for some things to do over March Break with your little ones. Doing some stitching could be the perfect activity for you! 

I've written a few times about the benefits of stitching - you can find those articles here, here, and here - but I think learning to stitch can be especially valuable to children. Having even a basic understanding of hand sewing can help save them time and money throughout their lives when it comes to things like taking in a pair of pants, hemming sleeves that are too long, or patching a hole. Not to mention the boost of confidence they'll get when they finish their first project and realize they can make special things with their own hands - something that still makes me smile when I finish a project today.

Of course, it can take time and effort to pull together some stitching projects you can do with your kids. We want to help, so we've done that work for you and put together this list of five project ideas for the kiddos - one for each day of the break!

1. Felt Fox Purse

From iHeartCraftyThings

How sweet is this little purse? Your little one will be so satisfied to complete a project that they'll be able to carry around and show off! This makes a great pouch for all those little treasures that kids love to collect. We're betting this would be pretty simple to size down and omit the strap to make a change purse or wallet, too!

2. "Zenkidu" Plushies

From Kids Activities Blog

These fun plushies are super customizable, which is ideal for letting your little ones express their creativity! For some fun variations, you could try changing up the body shape, sewing on buttons instead of using googly eyes, or playing with different colour combinations.

3. Heart and Star Decorations

From Danya Banya

This is a great project for beginners to get a feel for needle and thread. If you don't have polystyrene (styrofoam) containers or plates laying around waiting to be used, you could use felt or scrap fabric as an alternative (though you may want to use an embroidery hoop to help stabilize the fabric). You could use any shape, too - don't be afraid to explore beyond hearts and stars!

4. Emoji Pillows

From Easy Sewing for Beginners

These are a fun project for those tech-savvy kids who recognize emojis, or who loved the Emoji Movie! These would make a great homemade gift for birthday parties, too. And there's no reason you can't have a little fun and come up with your own silly face ideas!

5. Sewing Cards

From Wild Olive

You can use a hole punch to make the holes on these printable cards, or you can poke through the paper with a sewing needle. This is a great project for young kids or absolute beginners - they may even wish to draw their own designs to stitch and make into cards for friends or family.

No matter which project you or your little ones choose, know that they are learning valuable life skills! Will you be trying any of these projects over the break? Make sure to tag @zenstitching in your photos on Facebook and Instagram if you do!

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