DIY - Reusable Swiffer duster from an old t-shirt diy low- and zero-waste tutorials upcycling Apr 23, 2021

Mr Zen loves his Swiffer when he is dusting, because it can reach under...

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How to use dissolvable sashiko templates stitching tutorials Apr 14, 2021

Some sashiko patterns are quite complex to look at, let alone draw onto your...

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Upcycling a pair of jeans diy low- and zero-waste stitching upcycling Apr 07, 2021

A couple of years ago, 2018, I inherited a skinny pair of jeans from my...

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Sashiko Heart Pattern stitching Apr 01, 2021

I have been developing some sashiko patterns that can be used to embellish or...

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Overdyeing with tea diy upcycling Mar 24, 2021

The wonderful thing about dyeing textiles with tea, is that it can make most...

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Six great DIY travel kits to organize your sewing and embroidery notions diy tools Mar 18, 2021

This is my year to simplify. And in my effort to do so, I am looking for ways...

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Creative ways to upcycle your shoes low- and zero-waste upcycling Mar 10, 2021

Cover image via:

Following on from my post last week about...

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Is Marie Kondo really the solution to our overfilled wardrobes? low- and zero-waste slow living stitching upcycling Mar 05, 2021

By now I'm pretty sure you have heard of Marie Kondo. Some of you may have...

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What is the environmental cost of a pair of jeans? low- and zero-waste slow living upcycling Feb 25, 2021

Cover image: My favourite pair of jeans have been mended over 14 times now.

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How to Whip Stitch stitching tutorials Feb 17, 2021

Whip stitch is a great way to attach a patch of fabric to your garment when...

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My experience with Project 333 slow living Feb 10, 2021

Recently I wrote an article about the impact a pair of jeans has on our...

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Seven more reasons why stitching is good for us: The physical benefits of sewing slow living stitching Jan 30, 2021

Its amazing just how many benefits there are from getting creative and doing...

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