Mystery stitch along - clue #1 mystery stitch along stitching Aug 02, 2022

We are going to start by dividing our fabric into sections with a pencil or...

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Mystery stitch along! mystery stitch along stitching Jul 25, 2022

If you’ve participated in one of our Making Zen retreats, then...

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11 Delicious pumpkin recipes low- and zero-waste slow living upcycling Nov 26, 2021

Many of you know its a custom here in the northern hemisphere to celebrate...

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DIY - Six Remembrance Day poppy brooches diy low- and zero-waste Nov 11, 2021

Its that time of year when we start seeing red poppies appearing pinned to...

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What is Kuguri-Sashi? stitching Jul 23, 2021

Kuguri or kuguru in Japanese means to go under something and sashi is the...

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Japanese bento bags diy low- and zero-waste Jul 09, 2021

I stumbled across this delightful bag by @themacribosewing recently whilst...

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How to store your sashiko threads stitching tools Jun 25, 2021

Last night we were chatting in the Sashiko Stitch Club, and I was asked for...

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Planting a tea garden diy slow living Jun 03, 2021

As the weather warms up and we embrace the outdoors I am spending more time...

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Dandelions diy fabric manipulation May 27, 2021

We have had an abundance of dandelion springing up everywhere!

I simply adore...

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DIY - Wool wash diy low- and zero-waste slow living May 12, 2021

It’s getting to that time of year when my knitted sweaters are almost...

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Shibori patterns: Itajime and Indigo fabric manipulation May 06, 2021

Itajime is the shibori process of folding fabric and then clamping it between...

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Mark making with rust diy fabric manipulation Apr 30, 2021

How Does It Work?

The rust-dyeing process is extremely simple. When a rusty...

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